Who is a member of the unity of teaching assistants?

You are members of the unity of teaching assistants if you do, or have done in the last year, one of the following tasks :

  • In charge of practical work: This includes to be in charge of laboratory and tutorials. They have a responsibility to ensure the proper functioning of a group of practical work. These tasks are paid for the period of practical work and may include work outside class.
  • Repeater: This also includes tutors tasks. They are present in practical sessions to answer students' questions. These tasks are paid for the period of practical work and do not include any work outside class.
  • Corrector: They participate in the evaluation of learning. Their role is to ensure the correction of assignments and exams. These tasks are normally paid by time sheets. Each hour devoted to the correction should normally be paid.
  • Supervisor of exams: They ensure the smooth running of the exam periods and compliance with rules. These tasks are normally paid by time sheets. Each hour of attendance to the examination room should normally be paid.
  • Chief supervisor of exams: Their tasks are the same as the supervisor of exams, and they provide more the responsibility of a local review and delivery of examination papers if there place.

Often teaching assistants perform many of these tasks during a single session.

What is happening now?

The current collective agreement will expire on February 12, 2020.

Besides a salary increase to catch up with other Quebec universities, we also want to ensure that teaching assistants will be paid for all hours worked, which is a right under the law on minimum labor standards.

Your bargaining committee for this unit is composed of:

  • Sébastien Paquette
  • Vincent Moulay Huard
  • Abderrazak Moutassim

The committee will assisted by a professional negotiator provided by our trade union, PSAC.

Mandates affecting the bargaining committee of the teacher assistants

The committee based its negotiations on the mandate to negotiate obtained September 9, 2015.

To contact the negotiating committee

Do you have specific questions for the negotiating committee on the progress of negotiations? Do you have any concerns, suggestions, recommendations, claims for the committee? You can contact the committee by email at assep.coordination@gmail.com. You can also contact the union executive by clicking the"Executive" tab.


Agreement of principle

An agreement of principle was reached on November 4th, 2016, for the Teaching Assistant's Unit. This was ratified at the unity's general meeting of November 18th. The final signature is expected shortly. To view the document presenting the agreement of principle, click on the link at the bottom of the page.


Collective agreement signed

The collective agreement for this unit has been signed on February 13th 2017, and is valid from February 13th 2017 to February 12th 2020. It can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.